Saturday, November 6, 2010

What I like about my english lecturer

I want to talk about what I like/dislike about my english lecturer.But I prefer like to my english lecturer because he teach all of us.He is very creative person.He teach us about how to respect to other person.And very important is he likes to treat us like our friend.My english lecturer like to teach us about blog.And I very suprise because not many english lecturer want to doing blogging like this.So in my opinion he is very good man,sir,and a good lecturer.

Experience in Drama Pip

Many experience that I get from drama Pip in Bandar Penawar Professional College.First Of all,I get many experience because I as a director in my group drama,I direct of my friends to acting like I want.There listen of what I said.After that,in 3 days of my drama in main hall,some of my friends didnt listen what I said,I was frustated..angry..but it doesnt to stop me from direct my friends.But alhamdulillah,In competition drama in main hall I got 1st in my class group.I got hamper,and I was very happy because I didnt expect to win.I thanks to all my group friends because of them I can stand and win of my drama Light Of Love.Thats all

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Peace


My Best Friend

This is story of my best friend.Do you have special best friend?I bet you all have.Today i want to talk about my best friend.Friends are important for us because friend can help when we got trouble or sometime we have problem my best friend can accompany me.For the introduction,i would like to write about my best friend.