Sunday, September 26, 2010


1) list down two attitude michael jackson mother?
Loving and caring mothers of 9.

2) your personal opinion about michael jackson father?
In my opinion michael jackson's father is hot tempered and selfish person

3) how many sibling michael jackson have:brother and sister.who are they?
Michael jackson have 9 siblings,2 sisters and 6 brothers.

4) what is the two uniqueness of michael jackson?
He is very talendet person because he can dance and sing very well.

5) what is your favourite scene in this film?
My favourite scene in this film is when their become older and do gathering sing together.


a) Based on the activity 1.2,what is your opinion about Periappa as a whole ?
Based on my opinion,Periappa is caring and loving man but he is drug man.

b) Shouldn't the narrator kiss or not his uncle for the last respect ? Give your reason.
Narrator hate and not like his uncle.

c) She looked happier than I had ever seen her before.State at least 2 possibilities why she
(Peiamma) looked happier ?

d) What messages can you learn from "The Kiss" ? Provide textual evidence to support
your answers.
Periappa is a drink person and angry person but he is lovely towards his family.


In your opinion,who were guilty between Keanu Reeves and the paparazzi in the 2008 court case? Give two reasons.

In my opinion,Keanu Reeves guilty because he not suppose to do that . As paparazzi,he will taking news behind the scene to in display to society . If nothing paparazzi,then society will not know on artist's life . Apart from that,good and artist evil . Artist's world will be far reaching . Paparazzi is always looking for good thing and bad thing that artist do .

Friday, September 24, 2010

Habits That I Do In My Life

Today I want to write in my blog about 'Habits That I Do In My Life' . Now I am studying in Kolej Profesional Mara Bandar Penawar and purification city also changed my daily routine . My daily routine a bit different when I lived with my family and now lives with my friends . Every morning I wake up take a shower and brush my teeth . After shower I pray and take a breakfast . Then I prepare go to class AT . After finish the class at 4 o'clock , I go back to my room and rest 1 hour . After rest I play computer games . After playing games , I go take for shower . After shower I pray until 9 o'clock . After that I go to the Cafe and buy something food . After I eat , I and my friends do the homework and assignment . That's routine I do in my life at KPMBP.


Who Were Guilty Between Keanu And The Paparazzi?For me,paparazi is guilty because they always disturb celebritiess life.Celebrities are ordinary people who want to live free and do not want to be disturbed by other people.paparazzi are always curious about the lives of celebrities in various ways.paparazzi do not need to interfere in the celebrities problem.they just need to know about celebrities who want a career known by fans.

Type text or a website address or translate a document.

when they interfere with the problems faced by celebrrities, these things can cause a fight between the artist and the paparazzi.