Friday, September 24, 2010

Habits That I Do In My Life

Today I want to write in my blog about 'Habits That I Do In My Life' . Now I am studying in Kolej Profesional Mara Bandar Penawar and purification city also changed my daily routine . My daily routine a bit different when I lived with my family and now lives with my friends . Every morning I wake up take a shower and brush my teeth . After shower I pray and take a breakfast . Then I prepare go to class AT . After finish the class at 4 o'clock , I go back to my room and rest 1 hour . After rest I play computer games . After playing games , I go take for shower . After shower I pray until 9 o'clock . After that I go to the Cafe and buy something food . After I eat , I and my friends do the homework and assignment . That's routine I do in my life at KPMBP.

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