Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Husband Material

a)Write about marriage from your point of view after reading "Husband Material".

In my opinion,marriage is blissful about person life.Marriage can give many benefit husband and wife can solve problem together.In word islam,marriage can increase your lifehood.Otherwise,problem adultery can get decrease.Besides that,relationship with another family get closer and peaceful.

b)Will you choose your awn spouse or just ley your parents to do that?justify your answer?

I think to choose my own spouse because we can choose which i think don't agree my parents choose because we can't know the kind or bad.

c)What is the meaning'Husband Material'based on dictionary and from your understanding?

The meaning of 'Husband Material' is search for male characteristics in the desire by women to a life partner.

d)Give at least two moral values you can learn from 'Husband Material'.Explain your answers with textual evidence.

Two moral values can i learn from 'Husband Material' is we must to find good husband for to be a happy family because father was head of the family and

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