Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Malaysia Qualified To Go To World Cup?

Assalamualaikum and hye to all my friends.

Hello everybody whos see my blog.Today i want to say about this interesting topic.Do you know about football?I bet you all do.Everyone around the world know about football.My topic for today "Is Malaysia Qualified To Go World Cup?" The Malaysia national football team also known as Tigers of the South East Asian football world. In South-East Asia, The Tigers’ main rivals are the Lions - Singapore's national football team and other major competition ceoms from Indonesia and the Thailand national team. Until 1963, the Tigers were known as Malaya national football team as they represented the Federation of Malaya. However, now the governing body for the national football team is Football Association of Malaysia and the team is learning and growing under the supervision of Coach K. Rajagopal. Their national stadium is Bukit Jalil.Malaysia played its first international football match against the Korean Republic on April 13, 1953. During 1950's and 60's Malaysia was among the big giants of Asian football. At that time South Korea was the other big name in the football world. The first biggest achievement for the team came in 1962 when they won bronze medal in the 1962 Asian games at Jakarta, Indonesia. In thefinals, they triumphed over Vietnam by 4-1. The bronze medalist team highlighted Malaysian players like Abdul Ghani Minhat, G. Govindaraju, and Stanley Gabriel. “Raja Bola” or King of the Ball was the nickname given to Abdul Ghani Minhat after making a mark in 1962 Asian Games.The top scorer for the Malaysian football team to date is Mokhtar Dahari. He netted a whopping 125 goals in 167 games. Other legends of the golden period are Soh Chin Aun and Santokh Singh. The pair of Singh and Aun was the best centerback pair in Asia in 1970s. And Aun has represent Malaysia in the highest number of matches. The goalkeeper of the team R. Arumugam was famous as “spiderman” because of his long arms. Players such as Sarbegeth Singh, Dollah Salleh and Zainal Abidin Hasan.And i believe Malaysia team will go through the qualified world cup if there have guts and trust with otherselves.With the training hard and good dicipline there can make it,Insyallah :)

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