Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Person/People That I Love the Most

Hello guys.. :)

Today tuesday July 28 I wanna post of you some interesting topic.Love...Love is anything.Love for parents,love for friends or love for special friend that you adore.There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.It seems like everybody need a love..but some do not.But today I wanna tell you about The Person/people that I love the most and the person I admire alot.She is Miaa.Miaa is special for me because she's make me confortable when i had trouble.She persuade me to be calm person and not thinking too much.When my birthday or her birthday sometimes we walk to some place like beach and other place like island,or scuba diving.She is very special to me..My first sight when I on9 facebook..I add her..and I introduce myself to her.Then after a weeks..we webcam at Yahoo..chatting..any many else.Suddenly she asked me for a date.I was like wauuww.. "is it dream to me?" then I laughing all by myself.After we had a date,I asked her to be my girlfriend,she accepted.I very happy because she is the only one in my heart.No one can replace her like she does.I love you my dear ;)

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